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Maidstone Cambelt Repair / Cambelt Replacement 

What is a Cambelt?

A cambelt / timing belt is one of the major key components of your car. The cambelt is a rubber belt that is placed inside the engine to connect and control the timing of many other components.



How does a Cambelt work?

Inside the engine the cambelt makes sure the main components; the crank shaft and cam shaft synchronise together perfectly to control the timing and sequence of when the valves to the cylinders open and close.

This ensures a smooth-running engine and to ensure maximum efficiency.



How do I know if my Cambelt needs replacing?

Cambelts, just like tyres will eventually wear and need replacing. It is very important to keep an eye on your cambelt and have this checked regularly. If a timing belt is neglected it will break. This will result in these engine components (mentioned above) coming into contact with each other causing major engine failure

and very expensive repairs. 




Maidstone Mobile Mechanic strongly suggest prevention is the best solution when looking after your cambelt.  It is recommended that you change your cambelt from 40,000 miles depending on your vehicles make and model. Please see your vehicles handbook for the manufacturers recommendation or contact Maidstone Mobile Mechanic with your vehicle registration for more information. 



How much will a Cambelt replacement cost?

Prices for a cambelt can vary between every make, model and engine type. If you provide us with a full vehicle registration with completing our customer enquiry form we can get an exact price for you. Our mechanics will give all our customers a clear understanding of the work needed to be carried out and a final cost agreed before any work goes ahead. All of work is guaranteed for 12 months. 



Will I need to a water pump replacement too? 

A water pump’s lifespan is typically 60,000-100,000 miles. Therefore, if your vehicle cambelt / timing belt is due to be replaced, it is generally advised to replace your water pump as well as this will likely fail along with it. Also, to replace a water pump the mechanic will need to expose the cambelt to do this anyway. This avoids extra labour costs in the future to our customers.



Can I choose the location?

A member of our mechanics team can carry out a cambelt replacement within Kent at your chosen location, if it’s your home, place of work or a location that’s convenient. 

Book a Cambelt / Timing Belt

How do I book for a Cambelt replacement?

Simply call us on the number below or complete our quick customer enquiry form with your contact and vehicle details. A member of our team will get back to you shortly and suitable appointment date/time for you. 

01622 209069



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