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Maidstone Cambelt Repair / Cambelt Replacement 


What is a Cambelt / Timing Belt? 

The Cambelt, also known as a Timing Belt is one of the hardest working parts in the cars engine. This rubber belt with teeth connects and controls the timing and operations of many of the engines major internal parts. Overtime the cambelt/timing belt will gradually wear; not allowing the cambelt to grip properly, in turn this can lead to parts of the engine coming into contact with each causing major engine failure. 



How do I know if my car Cambelt needs replacing?

Maidstone Mobile Mechanic strongly suggest prevention is the best solution when looking after your car. It is recommend that you change your cambelt from 40,000 miles depending on your vehicles make and model.

Please see your vehicles handbook for the manufacturers recommendation or contact Maidstone Mobile Mechanic with your vehicle registration for more information. 



How can Maidstone Mobile Mechanic help?

If you are concerned your car isn’t working as it should be, please contact Maidstone Mobile Mechanic and a member of our team can diagnose the problem for you. If it is a cambelt replacement needed Maidstone Mobile Mechanic 

can come to your chosen location and carry out the cambelt replacement or repairs.



How much will a Cambelt replacement cost? 

Prices for a cambelt can vary between every make, model and engine type. If you provide us with a full vehicle registration with completing our customer enquiry form we can get an exact price for you. Our mechanics will give all our customers a clear understanding of the work needed to be carried out and a final cost agreed before any work goes ahead. All of work is guaranteed for 12 months. 

Book a Cambelt / Timing Belt

Book a Cambelt Repair or Cambelt Replacement 

Simply call us on the number below or complete our quick customer enquiry form with your contact and vehicle details. A member of our team will get back to you shortly. 

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