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Maidstone Clutch Repair / Clutch Replacement 

What is the Clutch?

The clutch is a device for disconnecting and connecting rotating shafts. In a manual gearbox, the driver pushes down the clutch when changing gear to disconnect the engine from the gearbox. 


How can we help?

There are several parts in the clutch, that can become worn or jump, the discs can be worn, as well as a spring system either breaks or becomes slack. All these parts can be replaced independently of each other. Maidstone Mobile Mechanic can do a check of your clutch to see what needs repairing or if an entire clutch needs to be changed. 


How much does it cost?

To replace a clutch, prices start from £179.00 depending on the vehicles make and model. 12 months guarantee on all work carried out.

Book a Clutch Repair and Clutch Replacement

Book a Clutch Repair or Clutch Replacement 

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