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Maidstone Mobile Mechanic
Cambelts, Clutches, Servicing and Brakes

Maidstone Mobile Mechanic specialises in Cambelts, Clutches, Car Servicing and Brakes, based in Maidstone travelling to our customers all over Kent. Our fully equipped workshop and qualified mechanics allow us to carry out Cambelts Replacements, Clutch Replacements, Car Servicing (Oil & Filter, Interim, Full and Master) and Brake Replacements to a location that is convenient for you, whether it is at home or your place of work, it helps saves time and the inconvenience of being without your car. 


At Maidstone Mobile Mechanic all car mechanics are fully qualified, highly skilled and professional. With experience in working with all types of vehicles including light commercials and completing all work to the highest standards. Before working on your car, we will clearly explain all the options available with a clear understanding of the work needed to be carried out; along with a final cost agreed before any work goes ahead. All of the work is guaranteed for 12 months.


Complete our CUSTOMER FORM for more information on mechanic maidstone services; cambelts maidstone, brakes maidstone, clutch maidstone and car servicing. A mechanic will be in touch with a FREE quotation. 


All work carried out is the same consistent and high standard you would receive at any garage.

Maidstone Mobile Mechanic Services


We can check your vehicles clutch to see what needs repairing or if an entire clutch needs to be changed. 


Learn more about the different types of car servicing we offer for your vehicle. 


We can replace your vehicles cambelt or complete cambelt kit minimising the risk of your cambelt snapping and prolonging your engines life.


We measure the brake pad wear level. If the pads or discs are worn, corroded or warped we will let you know so we can arrange to replace them.

Over 20 Years Experience

Our team are professional and friendly and have excellent

experience on all makes and models. 

No Hidden Costs

Our mechanics will give all our customers a clear understanding and breakdown of the work advised for the vehicle and a final cost agreed upon before any work goes ahead. All of the work is guaranteed for 12 months. 

The Garage Comes To You

Our customers choose the location to save them the time and inconvenience of being without their vehicle. ​

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Mobile Mechanic
How it works for our customers

What is a Mobile Mechanic?

A mobile mechanic is exactly as described in the title, we offer a qualified mechanic with a fully equipped van for your vehicle. All work carried out is exactly the same consistent and high standard you would receive at any garage. If you need to book in for any car repair whether it’s a clutch replacement, cambelt replacement, car servicing (oil & filter, interim, full or master) or new car brakes. Maidstone Mobile Mechanic can carry out this work safely on your drive or on the side of the road. 

Why use a Mobile Mechanic?

It can be difficult for our customers to schedule car services or car repairs into a garage and be without their vehicle with their busy lifestyles. Maybe you are working from home? Working in an office and not wanting to take leave? Running a busy household with small children? By our offering of a mobile service, it gives our customers the flexibility and convenience of having their vehicle serviced or repaired at a convenient location. 

Customer Enquiry Form

Simply complete our quick customer enquiry form with your contact and vehicle details. A member of our team will get back to you shortly. 

What do our customers say?

Maidstone Mobile Mechanic have over 400 excellent reviews across our online review platforms.

Over 223 customers just on Google have rated our excellent services. 

Ranked 3rd out of 381 UK Mobile Mechanics and Ranked 1st out of 26 Mobile Mechanics in Kent.

We have received a  5/5 Score Rating with our customer feedback. 

If you are looking for a mechanic to come to your location for for car repairs, car servicing, cambelt replacement, clutch replacement or new brake pads. Please contact Maidstone Mobile Mechanic and we will be glad to help. Our mechanics are friendly, honest and completely upfront about all work, ensuring our customers always have peace of mind. 



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